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Goldendoodles and English Goldendoodle Puppies for sale by breeder in Virginia.  Delivering Goldendoodles to Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and
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English "Teddy Bear" Goldendoodles
Goldendoodle puppies- specializing in exceptional English Goldendoodles located in Virginia.  Committed to raising
healthy, happy and absolutely adorable Goldendoodle puppies!
Mini English Goldendoodle male
goldendoodle puppies northern va, dc, maryland, virginia English Cream Teddy Bear Goldendoodle puppies
Goldendoodles result from the intentional pairing of two of the most popular dog breeds in the US, the Poodle  and the
Golden Retriever.  Our Goldenoodle puppies are bred for beauty, intelligence, temperament & health from Purebred
Registered Golden Retrievers and Poodles with Champion bloodlines.   
"Nancy's Pups"-We also donate puppies to help offset the cost to families for Professional training & Certification of  
Doodles as  Service Dogs for Disabled Veterans & families with children in need of a trained Service dog.  
~ "Nancy's Pups" in loving memory of my mother and her loyal hybrid, Muffins  
Mini English Goldendoodle, Teddy Bear Goldendoodles
~English "Teddy Bear"Goldendoodles~

Sydney & Dez are expecting mid-February!
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English Goldendoodle Puppy
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Our Parent dogs are bred directly from Champions & International Champions or have Champions
throughout their pedigrees known for consistent health & correct confirmation.  
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~ Goldendoodle Puppy Pricing ~

F1 English "Teddy Bear" Goldendoodle Puppies  1600

F1 & F1b Mini English Goldendoodles male or female 1800

All of our puppies are to be spayed/neutered
All puppies come with a 2 year Health Guarantee
Puppy Application and deposit are required to join the Waiting list for a Goldendoodle puppy
Deposit is 200.  Deposits are applied toward the price of your puppy.  For more information on Deposits,
Visiting, Boarding, Picks, etc. please see our
Waiting list page.  Email us for add'l info
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English Goldendoodle
English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle puppies for sale virginia
What is a Goldendoodle and which type is right for you?

Healthy, quality Goldendoodles come from well bred parent dogs that have been health tested.  Did you
know that two dogs in poor health and of poor confirmation can produce a dog that might be the lucky one
in the litter to pass health screenings and have "good" hips for example?  That lucky dog can then be added
to a breeding program.  A quality pedigree is important.   Parent dogs should be of good health and
confirmation and come from a long line of well bred purebreds.  Quality bloodlines matter!

Goldendoodles are the cross between the Golden Retriever and Poodle.  Their laid back personality makes
them quite popular among families with small children.  They live an average of 3 yrs long then their
purebred parents.  This is attributed to Hybrid Vigor; the increased vigor or general health, resistance to
disease, and other superior qualities that are often manifested in hybrid animals.  Goldendoodles are

"Teddy Bear" type English Goldendoodles are bred from an English/European retriever and Poodle.  
They are often called English but they are European.  They have a lower cancer rate than American Golden
Retrievers which is one of the reasons why our
Dams are European.  They have boxier heads, are smaller
with very thick ultra light cream to cream coats.  English Goldendoodle puppies look like beautiful little
Teddy Bears, hence the nickname.

Sizes-Our sires are Miniature and Moyen Poodles.   The purpose of our breeding program is to avoid
very large Doodles that result from the pairing of a Standard Poodle to a Golden Retriever.  This is why we
have smaller studs as part of our breeding program.  A family adopted a Goldendoodle from us to be a
friend to a  their 110 lb Goldendoodle that they had gotten from another breeder.  We have smaller studs to
try and avoid 80, 90 & 100+ lb Goldendoodles.  If you are looking for a small dog, 20-30 lbs (Cocker Spaniel
size), it would be best to consider a dog that is not 1/2 Golden Retriever.   F1's are a first generation
breedings and are typically low to non-shedding.    Hybrid vigor is decreased and coat types are less
consistent with Goldendoodle to Goldendoodle pairings.    

Mini Goldendoodle "litters" (not the same as an already born and advertised Mini Goldendoodle
"puppy" where weight is already determined.)
can be the result of an F1 pairing of a Mini Poodle to a
Golden Retriever (this means simply that a Mini is included in the breeding, not that all of the puppies will
automatically mini's) or 2nd or 3rd Generation Mini Goldendoodle bred to a non-related 2nd or 3rd
generation Mini Goldendoodle. By breeding a Mini Poodle to a Golden Retriever, some of the pups can be
smaller than average if they take after the Sire.  With first Generation Mini to Golden pairing, it is
impossible to guarantee a small dog.  It's just like with humans.  A petite female can have children with a
very tall male.  The children will not all or any will be petite.  They are perfectly proportioned.  They are just
different sizes.  Rarely are first generation pairings 25 or 30 lbs.  40 or 45 lbs is possible for the smaller pups
in a litter but pups could take after the Dam or a male after the dam and be the weight of a male retriever.  
You have more consistency in size breeding Mini Goldendoodle to Mini Goldendoodle for smaller puppies
but Hybrid vigor is decreased with each generation.   Again, the sole purpose for us having smaller males
for 1st generation Golden to Poodle crosses is to avoid 80-100+ lb Goldendoodles.  

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a dog to be the size of a Cocker Spaniel, 25-30 lbs & 14-14 1/2"
tall, you shouldn't consider a dog that is 1/2 Golden Retriever.
 Perhaps a Cockapoo is better suited for you

F1b Goldendoodles are the result of breeding a 1st Generation Goldendoodle back to a poodle.  
F1b's tend to be smaller than F1 Goldendoodle puppies.  There seems to be a bit of misinformation when it
comes to F1b Goldendoodles pertaining to their hypoallergenic qualties.  You'll see it posted that they are
better suited for those with moderate to severe allergies.  This is true of some of the F1b puppies.  Some
puppies will shed more and some less, with more or less dander depending on the coat type which varies
more in F1b litters.  Why?  Because genetics deems it so.  It's complicated but you can read about genetics as
it pertains to appearance and coat type as a result of backcrossing.  There is a range within F1b litters in
appearance and coat type.  If you have moderate to severe allergies, you would want to select a puppy
within the litter that has a very wavy to curly poodle coat.

Colors~  Goldendoodles come in a variety of colors thanks to their Poodle parent.  Goldendoodles are  
Golden, Cream, Red, Apricot, Black, Black with white markings, Parti, Sable and Chocolate.  Poodles come
in a variety of colors.  Obviously their genes are included in the development of the Goldendoodle so a
variety of color is certainly a genetic possibility.  There is not as much variety in color when it comes to
English litters because the cream is very dominant.

Regardless of their size, Goldendoodles are extremely patient and gentle with children.  Most people assume
that if you have small children, you should have a small dog.  That is simply not true.  Gentle, laid back and
patient is best and you can't beat the personality of a Goldendoodle!

Like all Poodle cross dog types,  goldendoodles are often suitable for people with mild to
moderate allergies to dog hair and dander.  They are by definition, Hypoallergenic!  The Goldendoodle is
often described as looking like a very shaggy retriever with longer ears, long squared muzzle, bright alert
eyes and a happy go lucky attitude towards life.  They have made quite a name for themselves as Service,
Therapy and Rescue dogs.
Your  Goldendoodle Puppy comes with.........

Current vaccinations & De-wormings
Puppy toy, puppy pads and sample bag of puppy food
Adjustable collar & leash
Baby blanket or towel with mom & sibling's scent
2 year
Health Guarantee & Lifetime of support
They will join your family loved and spoiled.  They are part of our family before joining yours
They are introduced to a crate and we begin potty training

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English Goldendoodle puppies for sale

Puppies come with a 2 year Health Guarantee