Goldendoodle & English Goldendoodle Puppies
Goldendoodles and English Goldendoodle Puppies for sale by breeder in Virginia.  Delivering Goldendoodles to Maryland, DC,
Northern Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.  Breed specific information, upcoming litters and reservation information
English "Teddy Bear" Goldendoodles
Exquisite English Goldendoodle puppies- located in Virginia, our Goldendoodles
are bred from  AKC registered & Champion bred or Champion lined European
females.  For photos, health testing and pedigree information, see our
Goldendoodle Moms & Dads pages.  Committed to raising healthy, happy and
absolutely adorable Goldendoodle puppies!
Mini English Goldendoodle male
English Cream Teddy Bear Goldendoodle puppies
Goldendoodles result from the intentional pairing of two of the most popular dog
breeds in the US, the Poodle  and the Golden Retriever.  Our Goldenoodle puppies
are bred for beauty, intelligence, temperament & health from Purebred Registered
Golden Retrievers and Poodles with Champion bloodlines.   
"Nancy's Pups"-We offer a reduced price to help offset the cost to families of
Professional training & Certification of Doodles as Service Dogs for Disabled
Veterans & families with children in need of a trained Service dog.  
in loving memory of my mother and her loyal hybrid, Muffins
~F1b Mini's~
English Goldendoodles
Gretel & JoJo
3 picks available
5 girls & 5 boys
Ready to go October 10th
Accepting Reservations

~F1 Standard English
Goldendoodle litter~
Dez & Princess
Due Sept 28th
Accepting reservations
~ Goldendoodle Pricing~

F1 English Goldendoodles -1600

F1 or F1b Mini English
Goldendoodles -1800

All puppies come with
2 year Health Guarantee

Deposit is 200
Is a Goldendoodle the right breed for your family?

If someone in your family suffers from mild to moderate allergies, a
Goldendoodle's soft & wavy coat will be very low to non-shedding along with
little to no dander.  Whether you enjoy hiking, jogging, boating, camping or
taking a swim your Goldendoodle would be the perfect companion.  They are
intelligent, beautiful head-turners, easy going, easy to train, eager to please
and super friendly!  They are extremely patient which makes them a great fit
for families with small children.  Goldendoodles are also the best snugglers!
What are English "Teddy Bear" Goldendoodles?

English "Teddy Bear" Goldendoodle puppies
are the result of pairing a poodle to a European
"English Cream" Golden Retriever.  They are
given the nickname "Teddy Bear" due to their
boxy heads, shiny black eyes and noses.  Along
with their fluffy coats, they have quite a Teddy
bear appearance.  F1 English Goldendoodles
are generally white (cream), champagne, buff,
or red.  Unlike American Golden retrievers that
range from light golden all the way to a deep
red, true European Golden Retrievers have
nothing but English Cream/white throughout
their pedigree.  Gorgeous creams &
champagnes dominate.

Generations of Goldendoodles including F1 & F1b English Goldendoodles

First generations Goldendoodles are the result of the intentional pairing of a
Golden Retriever, or in our case, the European "English Cream" Retriever
because we prefer the look and health of the English Goldendoodles to that of
the American Goldendoodles, to a Poodle.  We prefer to not go beyond first
generation F1's to the first generation F1b's.  The larger the gene pool,the
healthier the babies.  This process of pairing completely unrelated pairs results
in hybrid vigor.  Contrary to what you might have read here and there about
hybrid vigor being a "myth", I can assure you it's not.  Farmers have been
using this type of pairing practice for I don't know how long and they've been
doing it successfully.  We also prefer the consistency that comes with first
generation pairings and if you go beyond first generation breeding a
Goldendoodle to another Goldendoodle, each generation lessens the hybrid
vigor because you would be once again, narrowing the gene pool.  Another
reason why we prefer First Generation Goldendoodles is due to the consistency
in appearance within each litter

F1b Goldendoodles

There is a common misconception about F1b litters which is that any F1b
puppy would be fine for people with severe allergies and that they all will have
a curlier coat.  Within each F1b litter you'll have a pup or two that has more of
a Retriever coat and you'll have some that will have a fleece or Poodle coat.  If
you have severe allergies, you'd want to select a puppy from the group that has
the Poodle coat.  The great thing about the F1b litters is that the puppies are
just as adorable as F1's and if you want a pup a little curlier or a little
straighter, you'd likely have those options.  We breed F1b standard & mini

Be sure to check out the Available Doodles an Doodle Gallery pages
Your  Goldendoodle Puppy comes with.........

Current vaccinations & De-wormings
Puppy toy, puppy pads and sample bag of puppy food
Adjustable collar & leash
Baby blanket or towel with mom & sibling's scent
2 year
Health Guarantee & Lifetime of support
They will join your family loved and spoiled.  They are part of our family
before joining yours
They are introduced to a crate and we begin potty training

Thank you for visiting Carriage House
Cockapoo and Goldendoodle

Information provided throughout our website about  goldendoodle puppies for sale in virginia, maryland, washington
west virginia, north carolina, ohio, delaware, dc and pennsylvania.  Goldendoodle grooming and training.  
We've had families come from as far away as California, New York, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina,
Connecticut and Michigan for one of our precious Goldendoodles!
~Reserving Your Goldendoodle Puppy~

To reserve an available Goldendoodle or Doodle from an upcoming litter, please
submit your
application and deposit.  Puppies are not reserved without a
deposit.  If you're a Veteran inquiring about a donation puppy to be
Professionally trained as a Service dog or a family with a child in need of a
Service dog,
email us for more information about 'Nancy's Pups