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Serving families in
Maryland, Virginia, West
Virginia, Delaware,
Washington DC, Ohio,
North Carolina, Northern
Virginia, Richmond,
Roanoke, Baltimore,
Hagerstown, D.C., Sout
.  We are a  
puppy breeder
.  Breeding
all colors while specializing
minature Cockapoos
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Service dog, black cockapoo dog
Welcome to Carriage House Cockapoo Puppies' page!

Breeders of quality Cockapoo puppies located in Virginia.  Our Cockapoos are
bred for health, beauty, temperament and intelligence.  We have only AKC
registered Sires & Dams as part of our family and breeding program.  Our
Cockapoos are great family.  Some of our Cockapoo puppies are Service and
Therapy dogs which is a testament to their intelligence, loyality and loving

"Nancy's Pups"
This is a reduced price puppy program in loving memory of my mother, Nancy,
and her loyal hybrid, Muffins.  If you are looking for a puppy to be
professionally trained as a Service dog for your child in need or as a disabled
Veteran, but can not afford the full purchase of a dog in addition to the
expense of professional training, we'll offer a puppy to your family at half cost
to offset the cost of professional Service dog training and certification.  Please
note that
Service dogs are not the same as Therapy/companion dogs.
We are a Cockapoo breeder located in
Virginia offering
delivery of Cockapoo
puppies to Maryland,  Northern Virginia,
Richmond, North Carolina, Delaware,
Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, West
Virginia, and Ohio.  Serving the East
Coast region
buff cockapoo, running
 cream cockapoo puppies
If you would like additional info on adopting one of our precious
Cockapoos, please email us.
Answers to general questions; Deposits, Visiting, Picks, etc. can be found
on our
Waiting List page.
We breed only first generation Cockapoos where the healthier hybrid vigor is
at it's maximum.
Cockapoos are the hybrid cross between the American Cocker Spaniel & the
poodle.  Cockapoos have been known in the United States for over 60 yrs.  
Cockapoos are also very popular in Australia and Sweden.   Hybrids are the
intentional, planned breeding of two purebred lines.  
They are wonderful family pets, Service & Therapy dogs.
Cockapoos have become popular because they generally combine the
outgoing, loving personality of the
cocker spaniel with the low-shedding,
low-dander qualities of the
poodle.  The poodle parent also contributes
intelligence and a tendency to be very active, resulting in a loving,
intelligent, energetic and agile dog that sheds very little or not at all.

The advantages of the crossbreed are:
a generally low to non shedding, hypoallergenic, soft, curling coat
above average intelligence, playful & spirited behavior, easily trainable,
healthier hybrid vigor living an average of 3 yrs long than their purebred
parent breeds
Your Cockapoo puppy comes

Current Vaccinations & parasite
Potty training started & Crate
Training started
Adjustable collar & leash
Starter kit including a sample bag of
puppy food
Puppy folder including schedule of
shots & de-worming
Baby blanket with mom & sibling's
scent  & Puppy toy

A lifetime of support

2 year Health Guarantee
~ Cockapoo Puppy Pricing ~

All colors including Parti- 1400

Black, Black & Tan, Black w/white
markings-not Parti -1200

All puppies come with a 2 year
Guarantee & lifetime of support!  
Specializing in 1st Generation Cockapoos  

The Poodle & Cocker are always listed in the top 10% by the AKC as two of the
most popular breeds.  Cockapoos are a wonderful combination of the two!   Our
puppies come in a variety of colors including; buff, cream, red, apricot, sable,
parti, black varieties and chocolate.  Feel free to visit our
Testimonials page to
read emails and see photos sent to us from our customers !

If you're looking for a wonderful book about Cockapoos, check out
Everything You Need to Know about Cockapoos"
.  You'll see many familiar
faces- the majority of photos throughout the book are of our beautiful
Cockapoo puppies!  
We're very proud of our babies!

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